I'll Speak in a Monstrous Little Voice

by Wilshire

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This is the first studio album by Wilshire.

Recorded at DZ Records periodically from February 2011 - October 2011


released October 22, 2011

All songs by Wilshire - Ben Arguelles, Brendan Egan, and Vinnie Crisostomo

Ben Arguelles - Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Brendan Egan - Guitar, Vocals
Vinnie Crisostomo - Drums, Percussion

Additional help by

Jason Niehoff - Cello tracks 8,15, Upright Bass track 15, Sitar track 3, Bass tracks 2,3,12
Laura Figa - Vocals on tracks 5, 8, 9, 12, 14

Album Cover by Patrycja Guza

Produced by Ben Arguelles

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Ben Arguelles at DZ Records



all rights reserved


Wilshire Chicago, Illinois

Wilshire started out in March of 2010. Release their first album 10-22-2011. Release their second album 12-22-2012. Released their third album 11-22-2014. They are currently playing shows around Chicago and are working on a forth album!

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Track Name: Mind Shakes Milk Shakes
on a dark day
your mind will take
a colorful brush
and write in your head

bright falling love
bright falling love
signals fly through space
a large distance in your brain

backwards and down the spine
up and through your mindless life
around the spinning corner again
red, green, and orange are friends

through the loops and down the vines
ideas are lost in space and time
"dripping, dripping." purple said
black and white until the end
Track Name: Lincoln Logs
feel nothing and love something
I need to go and I want a home

feel something and love nothing
I want you now but I don't know how
Track Name: Julia and Main
I fell dark days
I feel so many ways
slow wind at my side
no pain found my mind
red fields wind flies
clouds butterflies

down in the depths of time
a second awaits
sublime is mine
steer away vibrant shy
I finally see
the dark sunshine

stealing, stealing away my feelings
the little eye is seeing
come and go, I'm leaving
do fires burn after leaving
laughing eyes keep eating
even though my mouth is blinking
Track Name: Frequency
in a car stuck with frequency
lost in love, on still laughs with me
sound waves fly, my ears dare to sleep
in the middle, hands love to meet

windows down, my eyes long to see
in my mind, all I need is we
what we feel is blissful dreams
air flows and it flows through me

ooo it's where I want to be
ooo its what I want to see
Track Name: Beds and Records
feet on the ground
my head in the clouds
crystal eyes crystallized
from seeing sound
technicolor coordinated
please don't bring me down

falling fast
falling back
please don't leave me behind
or I'll fall right off the track
pick me up just one more time
another hit, another lie

and I'll be fine
Track Name: Socrates
little whispers looking back at me
dark in shows I look to see
nothing is holding a book in love with me
cross out letters just believe in something
only what’s wrong is what you want it to be
so sing in key or scream out flat
I carry a knife to sink in a tree
carve out a word a word that means anything
I can see everything numbers talk to me
Track Name: Psalm of Life
tell me not in numbers
life is but an empty dream
for the soul is dead that slumbers
and things are not what they seem

not enjoyment and not sorrow
is our destined end or way
but to act that each tomorrow
finds us further than today

lives of great men all remind us
we can make our lives sublime
and departing leave behind us
footprints on the sands on time

let us then be up and doing
with a heart for any fate
still achieving, still pursuing
learn to labor and to wait
Track Name: For Why
come here baby
and I know that I'm lazy
when I see you
I'm shaking
because I know that
you're wasting
your time around here
when the sleep ends
I have fear
that the next time
won't be near
so I hold on
and wait out the years
Track Name: Awake to See the Dripping Me
fireflies flash and die
fireflies flash and die

I don't know where to go
I don't know what to know

lay outside
see all the highs
I try to fly
wake up then try

I can't take this
who has made this
all I need is touch to see
all I want is my mind to be

blissful eyes
red fields outside
cold dark nights
my mind’s alive

fireflies flash and die
fireflies flash and die
Track Name: Suspended
in a free world
all I see are dreams
telling me
the dripping themes

one at a time
my mind gets free
and then I feel
escape from me

from me
escape from me
Track Name: Grass of Leaves
I can feel the leaves around me
autumn breezes in the air
cold tears awake and let out
all that is fear

when I see the colors
it's the frequency I hear
my hopes have all left me
I will never let things near

your skin is talking
it's telling me, "nothing to fear."
I can feel the texture
it's something that I long to hear

tall fields surround me
the feel of dirt at my feet
I love to feel you
and the earth under me
Track Name: Close Enough
fall in, you're falling
could you wake up
and get out of my head

I'll be sure that you won't stir
when I'm getting out of bed
and I'm not dead, well not yet

warm hands slight grin
the night is slowing
but you're hoping
for one more dream

I could live forever
life with no agenda
right now we're in
no mood to think
and it's not love
but it's close enough
Track Name: Sleeping
I gotta sleep and sleep my life away
all my thoughts and dreams just float away
no need to think or be just feel the pain
just gotta learn and live and fly away
all I need is for me and you to sit all day
in the end we will, we will die the same
Track Name: Feeling
when I look at the sky
all I know is you and I
fear of death is you
I hold on and close one I

numbers never lie
just humans who make them shy
all you need is sleep
to wake up and feel repeat

over and over again
that's what we do and it's my friend
lights laugh at night
they make fun of our eyes

when I corner my soul
her heart is mine to hold